Swirl is the exclusive wine broker for all the wineries we represent. Our team passionately, accurately and professionally retell the stories of each person behind each label, and help to educate the staff of our restaurant and retail partners.

Not unlike how a sommelier or retailer builds their wine departments, we have built our portfolio with a diverse selection of varietals, styles, appellations, price points; and yet never compromise on the quality of the people and wines themselves.

Typically sourcing their grapes from some of the finest vineyards, many estate-owned, we are fortunate to work with some of the leaders of the industry who are never content to sit on their laurels. They all push themselves every harvest, to make the best wines possible, and we never know if their finest wines may not yet have been released.

Swirl does not sell any wines to the general public. Our task is to educate the wholesale customers so that they may in turn discover, promote and resell wines of distinction and the highest quality to their own clientele. Any retail queries should be directed to our winery partners directly.