CHEV was created by Michael Browne, Co-Founder of Kosta Browne after he transitioned away from Kosta Browne in 2018 and founded Browe Family Wines. Michael and Sarah Browne, are the founders and proprietors of CIRQ Estate, a luxuxy Pinot Noir created during their tenure at Kosta Browne, and CHEV wines, both produced and bottled at their hilltop estate winery located in the heart of the Russian River Valley. CHEV is sparked by Michael Browne’s love and appreciation for old school workmanship. From classic cars to vintage clocks, CHEV hat tips to bygone days when artisans crafted in their forge and the raw was hand-wrought to expert precision. Just like our grapes—exquisitely grown by master farmers, curated from renowned sites, and refined to delicious detail in our family shop. Crafted in a style all its own, CHEV is unbounded by region, born from exceptional vineyards, near and far.