While most are familiar with Michael Browne’s pedigree as co-founder and winemaker at Kosta Browne, few actually know that as a child he was in the circus. He walked the high wire, ate fire, was catcher on the trapeze as well as juggled. It is these experiences that laid the groundwork for what kind of winemaker he would become. While not every show went as planned, he learned to adapt, he learned that risk-taking, practice, balance and the trust of others can really pay-off. CIRQ, launched in 2009, is now a part of his sole focus under his new family winery – Browne Family Wines, launched in 2018 after Michael transitioned away from Kosta Browne. CIRQ has evolved to one wine, a blend of hand selected vineyard blocks from some of the most reputable sites in the Russian River Valley – a place he calls the Garden of Eden.