Hundred Suns

Our natural world gives us the ability to make wines without doing much, and we want to keep it that way.

It all begins with the vine. We work with a group of farmers who match our shared interest in the unique idiosyncrasies of each place.  As winegrowers, we spend countless hours tending the vines and  deliberating  about the soils and their climates, but at the core of our discussions is the desire to unlock the secrets of the soil and transmit those properties into the grapes.  By working with growers who practice organic, and in some cases biodynamic practices, we come closer to this goal of true site expression. Soil structure and microbiological health are at the core of good farming; this creates an atmosphere where the inherent qualities of the earth can be transmitted through the vine.

Once harvested, the fruit is sorted with a high percentage of whole cluster. Through the use of stems we can amplify the purity of fruit or weave complex aromatics into the final cuvée. Native microbes complete the cycle, and wines are aged in seasoned French oak or terracotta amphora.

We do not have the keys to unlocking the riddles of the earth, but like a good lockpick, we are committed to experimenting with new things.